Spring It On! is Faith Heritage's biggest annual fundraiser.

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What can students expect? 

The day kicks off with a rally, cheering on the students and launching our event. After a full lunch on the lawn, and all our activities, we will share in a prize ceremony acknowledging and honoring the contributions of each student and grade. Students can win great prizes for each donation they bring in!

Our Donors & Sponsors

To fuel our fun, local donors help provide food, drink, t-shirts, and prizes for every student and volunteer.

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Activities with an impact

All elementary students play in activities and compete in relays to represent their part in supporting our school and raising funds, while all high school students select their activities to play their part as well. Together, we all get active in support of Christian education at Faith Heritage!

Setting new records each year

Last year, we had 220 students performing in 12 different activities. But most amazing, our students raised donations from hundreds of personal donors and 8 corporate sponsors to raise $27,000! And this year, we think we can go even further. 

What am I supporting through Spring It On?

Spring It On! supports our annual fund, class accounts, and the causes you choose to support.

Each donation associated with a student contributes to their class fund, which builds toward their events, activities, and Senior Trips. And while donations to Spring It On! contribute to the Annual Fund, you can also choose to direct your funds toward specific funds or specific projects.
Learn more about our funds and projects on our Donate page.

Our Donors

Join our donors and Spring it On!