Tuition Information

For information on the General Tuition & Fees for the upcoming school year, click the title or icon above!

Payment Options

We accommodate multiple ways and methods to make tuition payments, including our FACTS Portal. For more on these options, click the title or icon above. 
We work with families based on their full financial picture to provide a flexed rate. For more, click on the title or icon above.
We desire to support pastors and missionaries families in seeking Christian education. For more, click the title or icon above.

Homeschool Connection

Our homeschool connection program has a unique structure for tuition and fees. Click the title or icon above for more information.

FACTS Family Portal

We manage many of our school functions through FACTS Management System. This is where you can find grades, attendance information, and even set up payment plans for ongoing tuition payments.

To set up your Tuition Agreement Plan, visit the FACTS site and get started.

Tuition questions?

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