Guidance Office

Our Guidance Office partners with parents and students to enable our students to explore, define and pursue God’s purpose for their lives both during and after high school.  

College Preparations

From College Fairs to College Applications, college searches and commitments, our Guidance Office begins working with students in Grades 6 to begin building their awareness.  As students progress to their Junior and Senior years of High School, that engagement and relationship with the guidance office will naturally increase. We desire to provide the most current and useful college and career information to parents during their students’ high school careers.  

Below you'll find detailed explanations of resources, documents, and steps to take in this process! For questions, or to contact our Guidance Office, simply email below.

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College Process for Juniors

Starting your college process in the Junior Year, our Guidance Office will help keep you moving through the following key steps.

Take the PSAT & Review your Results

Taking the PSAT launches you into the college journey. Once you have results, you can begin to make individualized plans and prepare for the full SAT. At this point, you'll want to take advantage of tools like the Khan Academy's SAT Prep.

Review your ACT Results & Next Steps

After you review your ACT Aspire test (from the previous Spring), you should further review which schools require an SAT score or ACT score. This will help you plan when to sign up for your next ACT or SAT test through the College Board site or the ACT site.

College Prep Meetings & Research

Our Guidance Office will plan a college prep meeting in mid-year to help keep you focused and moving. On your own, you will want to log in to Naviance and start creating your own profile to do college research with. Naviance lets you build a Career Interest Profile and track which colleges you are exploring. 

Finish your SAT/ACT Exams

With most SAT and ACT exams in the Spring, you will want to continue your test prep, taking advantage of plenty of practice exams. This crucial step will set you up for a summer of college visits and a successful senior year!