Share your gifts, Build a School

As we partner and build students who are becoming vital parts of our community in CNY, you can partner too!

Volunteers get an insider's connection to their child's school day while connecting with the staff and other families. Our school becomes a richer place, and your experience becomes richer as well!

Whether you're willing to help with one time-specific project or want to join in an ongoing role, we'd love to let you join in the mission at Faith Heritage School!

Volunteer Team

Cecilea Marcoccia

Volunteer Coordinator

Cecilea oversees all our volunteers and helps coordinate their projects and efforts so that our school is built up in love! She offers opportunities in craft-making, athletics, food and baking, through to promotions, hospitality, and special events! 

Kylie Werner

Events Coordinator

Kylie oversees our events and event planning, working closely with volunteers to host great events and get the word out about our wonderful school. She also oversees our Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) which parents can contribute to in special ways!

Upcoming Events

From our big Fall Fundraiser, Holiday House, to our Concerts, Dramas, and Graduations, here's our upcoming events that you could volunteer with!

Serve with our School

Use your unique gifts to help build students with us.

Volunteer FAQ

How do I volunteer?

To get started, simply click sign up and our Volunteer Coordinator be in touch. We can set up a time-limited scope or an ongoing role that fits your schedule and desires. We like our volunteering to be significant and clearly helpful while being fulfilling and clearly enjoyable for you!

What kinds of role could I play?

You can play a role in setting up — setting up for events or setting teachers up for success by helping prepare a craft. You can set an environment in our school, creating bulletin boards and art in our building. You can help with student success in the classroom, such as through Eagles Wing Academy or through Career Day Presentations. You might want to help provide transportation, concessions, or a delicious snack. We’ve got all this and more — just reach out!

What's needed before I volunteer?

Any role that would interact with our student body does require a Background Check before beginning. Once this check is completed, you are able to volunteer safely and confidently for up to five years, at which point we would need to conduct an additional check.

What kind of commitment am I making?

Your role can be short-term or long-term — it’s up to you! We have one-off events where you would volunteer for one, time-limited role, and we have recurring activities like mailings 3x a year. We also have ongoing needs in our Library each week, or maintenance and landscaping work that comes up often. There’s many ways you can help that fit your schedule and energy commitments!

Ready to Start?

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